TurboErgo® Posters Now Featured on New E-Commerce Site
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - August 3rd, 2009 - TurboErgo® Posters and traning materials have been a popular choice for employers over the years. These unique posters teach employees ergonomic principles including proper body mechanics while lifing, workplace stretching excercises and how to avoid musculoskeletal disorder risk factors while working. Vaughan Safety, Inc. is happy to announce that their line of TurboErgo® products are now part of the featured line-up at This new safety poster site has hundreds of posters to choose from, on a variety of topics from chemical safety to workplace security. We encourage our customers to purchase our TurboErgo® posters from or from any of our other suppliers. Resellers interested in carrying the TurboErgo® line of posters should call us to set up an account. Retailers are given wholesale pricing and a link from our websites. For more information call toll free 1-866-285-5212 and ask for Jeff.
Consultation and Training Services now Referred
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - October 3rd, 2006 - After nearly six years of offering consultative services and training, Vaughan Safety, Inc. has discontinued these services.  The success of Vaughan Safety, Inc. in the marketing and sales of safety and ergonomics products has prompted the company to shift its focus.  All existing consulting contracts and inquiries for these services will now be referred to a third party.  Vaughan Safety, Inc. president, Jeffrey Vaughan expresses his appreciation to the many customers who utilized our training and consultative services over the years. According to Vaughan, "These customers made us who we are today.  It has been our privilege to serve many great companies and their employees since 2001."  Customers wanting a referral for ergonomics services can call toll free 1-866-285-5212 and ask for Jeff.
TurboErgo® Posters and Cards get "Tough"
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - August 23rd, 2006 - Many of the TurboErgo® training solutions including posters and wallet cards have been redesigned to appeal to a "tougher" clientele. TurboErgo® "Tough Guy" posters and cards are now available on These products now feature illustrations of a tough-looking industrial worker demonstrating workplace stretching and lifting techniques. According to Vaughan Safety, Inc. President, Jeffrey Vaughan, "The 'tough guy' series of ergo education products will be much more appealing to our industrial customers."  According to Vaughan, the redesign was prompted by many requests from the commercial fishing industry where there is a new emphasis on injury reduction, particularly with regard to musculoskeletal disorders. Vaughan Safety, Inc. customers in other industries after seeing the products developed for the commercial fishing industry have purchased thousands of these products for their respective industries.
TurboErgo® Products Now Available on
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - December 27th, 2005 - TurboErgo® ergonomics solutions are now available on  This move by Vaughan Safety, Inc. puts TurboErgo® products on a powerful e-commerce site with new options for customers like expedited shipping and real time order tracking.  According to Vaughan Safety, Inc. President, Jeffrey Vaughan, "we are excited to feature our products on  This will give our customers the ability to get instant quantity discounts, and a variety of shipping options to meet their needs."
New TurboErgo® Online Store

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - November 29th, 2004 - In order to broaden the range of solutions available to customers, Vaughan Safety, Inc. launched a new and improved TurboErgo® online store. The former store featured the popular line of TurboErgo software and educational materials. The new store is expanded to include innovative products for the jobsite or the office from a number of manufacturers. According to Vaughan Safety President, Jeffrey Vaughan, “the intent is to provide ergonomic products that are truly innovative.” Mr. Vaughan didn't stop at that, he went on to say that a key objective is to provide products that are not only innovative, but affordable. “There are some really cool ergo products out there, if you want to spend hundreds of dollars on them. Our intent is to provide innovative products that really work, at a very reasonable price.” If it doesn't meet their standard of innovation or affordability, Mr. Vaughan says they aren't interested in carrying it. When asked if they intend to add additional products in the future, Mr. Vaughan responded in the affirmative. “We are actively seeking for additional products to add to our online store. We will also work closely with our customers to see what types of products they would like to purchase.”

TurboErgo® International Software Now Available

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - February 17th, 2004 - In response to growing international demand for ergonomics software solutions, Vaughan Safety, Inc. announced today the release of a new "international" version of their popular TurboErgo® Ergonomics Management System software. The new software program generates reports in A4 format, a paper size common in Asia and Europe, and it incorporates metric units of measure. This new version was first tested and licensed to one of Vaughan Safety, Inc.'s international customers, Unocal. According to Vaughan Safety, Inc. president, Jeffrey Vaughan, "Our work with Unocal was crucial in our decision to go international with our software. We realized that there is a big demand for ergonomics solutions in Asia and Europe, so we put our heads together and came up with an appealing software product for companies around the world."

TurboErgo® Introduced to Employees from Seven Nations at Bangkok Workshop

BANGKOK, THAILAND - September 29th & 30th, 2003 - The Unocal 2003 Industrial Hygiene Best Practices Workshop held at the Nai Lert Park Hilton in Bangkok introduced the company's IH representatives to the innovative TurboErgo® System. Participants from SE Asia, Europe and the US were trained in practical ergonomics assessment methods, mitigation strategies and a hands-on session with the TurboErgo® Ergonomics Management System software. The TurboErgo® Ergonomics Management System is an integral part of Unocal's worldwide effort to significantly reduce musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace. Vaughan Safety President, Jeffrey Vaughan reports that the worldwide use of TurboErgo® by Unocal, " indicative of growing international interest in ergonomics, particularly in Southeast Asia and South America."

TurboErgo® Goes Mile High

SEATTLE - June 5, 2003 - Vaughan Safety, Inc. is happy to announce that they will once again exibit at the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) exhibition June 22 - 25 in Denver, Colorado. Drop by booth 1326 for a live demonstration of the TurboErgo® Ergonomics Management System. You can also pick up a sample of the new TurboErgo® Lift & Stretch laminated pocket reference cards.

TurboErgo® Advertises in New Ergonomics Magazine

SEATTLE - March 7, 2003 - TurboErgo® launched a new advertising campaign in the premier issue of ErgoSolutions magazine. According to Jeff Vaughan, President of Vaughan Safety, Inc., "We are impressed with the quality of ErgoSolutions magazine and the great value of the articles and features. We are happy to be advertising in this exceptional ergonomics resource." You can view articles from the premier issue or request a subscription to ErgoSolutions magazine by visiting their website,

New Version of TurboErgo® EMS Showcased at Caesar's Palace.

LAS VEGAS, NV - Dec. 9th, 2002 - Vaughan Safety today announced the release of a new version of the popular TurboErgo® Ergonomics Management System. Version 3.0 is now complete and will be showcased at the National Ergonomics Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas December 10th through the 13th. According to Vaughan Safety Inc. president, Jeffrey Vaughan, "We are excited to show off the powerful new features of TurboErgo® EMS 3.0 to ergonomics professionals from around the world. With the input of our valued customers, we've added significant new reporting and data management features that make TurboErgo® EMS an even more remarkable program." For more information about TurboErgo® EMS 3.0, call Vaughan Safety, Inc. at 866-285-5212.

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